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asset-based lending


Asset Based Lending

When it comes to lending, value matters. Changing economic climates, uncertain markets, or shifts in collateral values can cause both lenders and borrowers to reconsider their financial position. Additionally, asset-based financing is a key tool for business sustainability and growth

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property tax


Property Tax

Changes in the economy, technology, and regulation are having a dramatic impact on real and personal property values. This makes for a volatile property tax environment, which can be challenging for both companies and taxing authorities to manage.

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Managing risk in today’s business environment has become more complicated and critical than ever. From insurance premium savings to surviving catastrophic loss, insurance appraisals are essential tools for any company’s risk management strategy.

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Financial Reporting

Our evolving economy and regulatory environment requires corporate decision-makers to make timely and educated financial decisions. The financial reporting to support those decisions must not only provide a complete and accurate picture with good financial data.

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