Accurate Appraisals.  Targeted Industries.

At Vista Valuations we believe that accurate appraisals and valuations begin with industry expertise. As a result, we have focused on several highly specialized industries including:

  • Wood & Paper Products – Sawmills, Pulp & Paper Mills, OSB Plants, Particleboard Plants, Plywood Plants, etc.
  • Food Processing – Dairy Plants, Frozen Fruit & Vegetable Plants, Sweetener Plants, etc.
  • General Commodity Processing – Construction Materials, Steel, Specialty Metals, etc.

Comprehensive Data & Experience

Our focus on these specific industries provides us a tremendous competitive advantage because we have unmatched experience, background, and historical industry data to execute comprehensive appraisals.


Dedicated Divisions & Resources

In addition, we have developed specific divisions of our company to focus on these selected industries with an experienced appraisal team and network of strategic partners throughout the country.


If you do not fall within our industry focus, not to worry, we still can help. We are happy to discuss your project and connect you with one of our many colleagues throughout the country if we can’t serve you directly.