Why Vista Valuations

Expert Industrial Appraisers: Big Firm Results.  Boutique Firm Feel.

While there are a lot of great industrial appraisal firms out there to choose from, you typically have to choose from one of two types of firms: “The Large Corporate Firm” or “The Home Office Appraiser”. The Large Corporate firm is often times too big and expensive for most companies to retain and lack the personal attention to detail you need and deserve. While the Home Office Appraisers, although very knowledgeable, usually do not have the resources to handle diverse, specialized and time-sensitive appraisals.

The advantage we have at Vista Valuations is that we provide a unique blend of the two: the resources and expert team of a corporate firm combined with the personal touch and attention to detail of the individual industrial appraisers.


Reasons Our Clients Choose Vista Valuations, LLC

Experienced Industrial Appraiser Team

With decades of collective experience in industrial valuation, our industrial appraisers have the specific skill sets and industry knowledge you want and need for your appraisals. Our industrial appraisers have diverse backgrounds in engineering, tax accounting, real estate and law. Often times our industrial appraisers come from the same industries as the customers we serve.

Industrial Appraisers with Industry Focus

One of our greatest strengths is that our industrial appraisers do not try to be all things to all potential clients. We turn away as much work as we accept because we have committed ourselves to becoming expert industrial appraisers in a few selective industries. This focus gives both ourselves and our clients a distinct competitive advantage as we know our industries thoroughly, and have compiled years of research and experience in each to help us provide the strongest supporting data available.

Industrial Appraisers With An Integrated Appraisal Approach

In our opinion, a complex facility requires a comprehensive solution. Our industrial appraisers have found that piecing together parts of an appraisal from different sources is inefficient and ineffective. Our Integrated Appraisal Approach makes us unique in that we can provide a full 360 degree view of your company’s value. Our expert industrial appraisers have the knowledge and experience to accurately research, evaluate and appraise your industrial facility from the ground up including: market analysis, real estate, machinery & equipment, and overall business valuation.

Industrial Appraisers That Can Handle Diverse Size & Scope

Our clients extend across the United States and range from local closely-held companies to Fortune 100 concerns. While the types of appraisals are similar, the challenges for each of our clients are as unique as they are. Our industrial appraisers have the capacity to handle everything from the small and simple appraisal to the large and complex valuation project.

Service Area – Industrial Appraisers Across The U.S.

We have a team of experienced, licensed, and credentialed industrial appraisers located across the country. This provides us valuable knowledge of the local market, laws and resources along with the ability to easily facilitate appraisals for companies located in multiple states.

Certifications & Compliance For All Of Our Industrial Appraisers

We are state certified general real estate appraisers in jurisdictions across the country. Many of our industrial appraisers hold American Society of Appraisers (ASA) designations in Machinery and Technical Specialties. Our President & CEO, Tim Landolt, holds an ASA designation along with an MBA, degrees in both Engineering and Finance and a certified general real estate appraisal license. Our appraisal methods, valuation techniques and reports are fully compliant and supportable under current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards.

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