Quality & Timely Reports

Reliable Industrial Valuation Results.

We understand what’s at stake when it comes to industrial valuation reports. A timely and accurate
industrial valuation report can be the key to closing a financial transaction, securing financing or managing your tax liability.

Having worked with mid-sized businesses, Fortune 100 corporations, attorneys, and municipalities all over the country, we know what is needed to constitute a quality and timely industrial valuation report for all parties.


Some of the key components to our industrial valuation report process:

  1. Deliverable Deadlines – We understand the urgency our clients have and work with them to establish a clearly defined time table for all deliverables.
  2. Supportable Results – Our appraisals and industrial valuations are clearly written, unambiguous and easily understood. Our documentation is complete and defensible. Our professionals are experienced in courtroom presentation and bring confidence to the facts and value conclusions.
  3. Project Management – We have a dedicated project management team that supports our industrial appraisers to ensure timely delivery of all reports.
  4. Research Team – We have a highly skilled team of researchers that ensure we get the most accurate and effective data in the most efficient way possible.
  5. Client Communication – From arranging meetings and travel to providing status updates, our team will maintain communication with you throughout the project
  6. Quality Review – Every industrial valuation report is reviewed by one of our senior appraisers along with the President of our firm who is also a credentialed member of the American Society of Appraisers and a certified general real estate appraiser.
  7. USPAP Compliant– Our appraisal methods, valuation techniques and reports are fully compliant and supportable under current Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) standards.

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To learn more about USPAP compliance, and download their latest electronic edition, click here.