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Property Tax Appraiser: Volatile Markets Require Dynamic Solutions

Changes in the economy, technology, and regulation are having a dramatic impact on real and personal property values. This makes for a volatile property tax environment, which can be challenging for both companies and taxing authorities to manage.  The need for a qualified property tax appraiser for your industrial facility is more important than ever.


Property Tax Appraisers for Industrial Plants

At Vista Valuations, our property tax appraisers specialize in real and personal property appraisals of industrial plants for the purposes of property tax assessment.


Expert Property Tax Appraisers → Industrial Appraisals & Property Tax

Our team of ad valorem and industry property tax appraisers have been solving complex property tax issues for corporations and taxing authorities for years. With backgrounds in finance, engineering, and taxation, our property tax appraisers offer a unique skillset unlike any other firm.


Ad-Valorem Appraisal and Litigation Support Services:

  • Audit Preparation & Defense
  • Dispute Resolution Valuation
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Fixed Asset Reconciliation
  • New Construction Tax Segregation Studies
  • Obsolescence Studies
  • Real and Personal Property Valuations
  • Industry-based Depreciation Studies
  • Pretrial & Litigation Support Consulting

In addition, our specialized divisions understand how to appraise integrated industrial plants such as sawmills and food processing plants, providing solutions to the unique property tax challenges in these highly specialized environments.


Property Tax Asset Classes We Value:

  • Industrial Real Estate
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Commercial Vehicles & Rolling Stock


To learn more about our Property Tax Appraisers and how they can help your company with ad-valorem appraisals and property tax litigation support, contact us today.

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