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Wood Products Industry Appraisal Experts

Vista Valuations is regarded as one of the top specialized appraisal firms for the wood products industry with its flagship division, the Sawmill Appraisal Group.  Having provided wood products industry appraisals and valuation consulting for mills nation-wide, Vista Valuations has the expertise needed to solve complicated valuation problems in this highly-specialized industry segment.


Past Wood Products Industry Appraisal Clients Include:

  • Sawmill Appraisals
  • Paper Mill Appraisals (Paper Bags, Cardboard Box, Newsprint, etc)
  • Pulp Mill Appraisals
  • Particleboard Plant Appraisals
  • Plywood Plant Appraisals
  • Veneer Plant Appraisals
  • OSB Mill Appraisals
  • Engineered Wood Products Facility Appraisals
  • Pellet Mill Plant Appraisals
  • Woody Biomass Cogeneration Facility Appraisals
  • Window & Door Plant Appraisals
  • Truss Plant Appraisals
  • Moulding, Millwork, & Remanufacturing Facility Appraisals


Our Wood Products Industry Appraisals Include:

  • Business Enterprise Valuation
  • Industrial Real Estate Appraisals
  • Machinery & Equipment Appraisals
  • Property Tax Appraisals
  • Insurance Appraisals
  • Asset-based Lending Appraisals
  • Financial Report Appraisals
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Integrated Facility Appraisals


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Wood Products Industry Appraisal Resources:

Wood Product Manufacturing (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics) – Industries in the Wood Product Manufacturing subsector manufacture wood products, such as lumber, plywood, veneers, wood containers, wood flooring, wood trusses, manufactured homes (i.e., mobile homes), and prefabricated wood buildings. The production processes of the Wood Product Manufacturing subsector include sawing, planing, shaping, laminating, and assembling of wood products starting from logs that are cut into bolts, or lumber that then may be further cut, or shaped by lathes or other shaping tools. The lumber or other transformed wood shapes may also be subsequently planed or smoothed, and assembled into finished products, such as wood containers. The Wood Product Manufacturing subsector includes establishments that make wood products from logs and bolts that are sawed and shaped, and establishments that purchase sawed lumber and make wood products. With the exception of sawmills and wood preservation establishments, the establishments are grouped into industries mainly based on the specific products manufactured.